Debt settlement
Debt settlements is a process of negotiating with your creditors to accept a payment that is less than the actual amount of total debt owed by you. Your funds are generally accumulated in a special account, until enough amounts have been saved to pay off one of your creditor, and subsequently the process is repeated until all your debts have been paid off or redeemed.

Debt Settlement ProgramDebt consolidation
Debt consolidation Loans means to consolidate credit card debt combining various multiple loans into a single loan which usually has lower monthly payments and a longer repayment period.

Debt settlement and debt consolidation
Debt settlement services and consolidation processes possess unique features having certain distinctive differences.


Debt settlement

Debt consolidation


A reduction in your total outstanding amount.

Total outstanding amount remains the same.


All outstanding loans dealt with creditors on an individual basis.

A single loan combines all other individual loans.


Accumulation of your monthly payments into a special savings account.

A loan account where you deposit your monthly installments.


A common funds accumulation "temporary" account which gets "closed" after the settlement activity.

The tenure of the account remains for a predefined time until your loan is paid off. offers a debt elimination services which combines the flexibility of debt settlement along with a reduction in overheads by "consolidating" your total number of individual loans into a single one. Please refer to our plans to eliminate credit card debt for personal consultations and a direct talk with our counselor.